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Check the Play With Six thread for mod update information. (Displays the entire day of Training/Missions)

Recruitment Form

Application Process:

The 7th expects its members to be dedicated by showing up and putting out an effort to become a valuable team member, "tabbed" Ranger, and great asset to the unit. This requires time and hard work on the part of the applicant but is rewarded with engaging and fun gameplay, great comradery, and a gaming experience you won't find anywhere else.

Please do not waste our time and yours with your application if you do not intend to follow this mantra.

**7th mission times are sunday at 12:00 PST - Squad level training times are tuesday at 17:30 PST**


If you cannot meet these requirements do not bother applying. We hold everyone accountable to this list and any member or recruit not found to be in good standing with these requirements will be removed from our roster.

**Please note that personal information (full names and email address) will not be published publicly or given out to anyone else for any reason. Your application will be posted with that information removed.

Teamspeak interview times: 1500-1800 PST Mon-Fri, 1700-1900 Sat, 1000-1200 Sun. If you hop on Teamspeak and no one is on, please try again another time.

*If you would like to schedule a different time other than the above, PM 2LT. Sim or SGT. Hawkins and we will try to accommodate you*

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