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Check the Play With Six thread for mod update information. (Displays the entire day of Training/Missions)

Rangers Lead the Way

We are looking for people who are ACTIVE, who can show DEDICATION. If you are looking for a structured realism based Squad, then the 7th of the 75th IS for you!!

Enlisting and Being a Soldier in the 7-75th

Enlistment is your first step toward becoming a soldier in the 7-75th. One of the best parts about this unit is that we know real life comes first and do our best to accommodate our members needs. However, all we ask is that our members show dedication, desire to learn, and professionalism.

Once you're a Candidate or CDT. in the 7th you'll be welcome to all missions and training sessions and your input and participation isn't only expected but its wanted by all the members of our team. We operate in Fire Teams which rely heavily on every members being “in the zone” and ready to call contacts, shoot, move and assist with the injured. You'll learn our Standard Operational Procedures or SOP's which are the basics of what we do in different situations.

Before enlisting into the 7-75th, make sure you fit the requirements:

What we have to offer!

The Realism

One of the main concepts of the 7-75th is our dedication to trying to create a realistic military unit in virtual reality by using real-world training documents and other sources and modifying them for the game. However, we do not 'role-play' and you will not be required to call someone “Sir”. We do operate with a Chain of Command – but it is based on a members role in the team and not their virtual rank, which basically is used to show team leadership skills and that members have completed our training.